An enormous fun for all age groups: The wave runner gives your visitors the feeling of wild-water canoeing. No matter whether straight wave chutes, rapid chutes without waves or tubes with different diameters of curves, the boats dash down the course and end at the bottom at an even and then a dry area.

Because of the many different possibilities for an optimal installation for different claims an individual discussion in essential. We are pleased to advise you personally.

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The superslide is the classic attraction for all amusement parks and spacious playrounds. Not only children, but also teenagers and adults readily turn enthusiastic about that particular experience.

The superslide consists of at least 4 sliding tracks and is manufactured of glass-fibre reinforced polyester. Visitors slide on coconut fibre slide mats approximately just as fast.

The superslide standard delivery is with 6 sliding tracks and a platform height of 9m. Alternatively we deliver with a platform height of 7m an 5,20m as well as with 4 or 8 sliding tracks. A tunnel made of high-grade steel can be offered with a platform height of 9m and a length of 25m. The tunnel diameter is 95cm.

A steep slide with a chute angle of 60° also is manufactured out of high-grade steel. The sector above is tunnelled with a transparent cover.

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