April / 2015

Kolmårdens Djurpark "Skalmans Bilar"

For its anniversary on 1st May 2015 the park opened doors to a new area for children – where it’s all about the One: “Bamse” the world’s strongest bear.


For this themed area we were asked to supply a rail guided ride “Skalsmans Bilar” allowing children and adults to discover the bear’s world.

July / 2015

Family leisure park “Edelwies”


For opening of the family leisure park “Edelwies” on 3rd July 2015 we delivered a tractor ride running laps through the terrain.

The impressions and the possibilities to play during the ride attract “old and young”




It’s great fun to ride “a moose” over a course across the property. Not only for children – even adults enjoy the ride. The rides are very popular with children and create a sense of riding on real animals