September 2011


Follow-up EAS Berlin 09. - 11.11.2012

Follow up Attractions Show London.

[Article Kirmes & Parkrevue Ausgabe 9/2011]


Juli / 11

Holiday Park "The world of flowers of Maja the bee"

For season 2011 we were allowed to deliver one of the newly planned attrations at Holiday Park. On the back of grasshopper Flip it goes hopping through Maja's magic world of flowers. Lot of fun not only for the children.

June / 11

Tractor Drive "John Deere" for family park Hunderfossen

After approval by John Deere we were allowed to manufacture a tractor Premium 6930 on a 1:1,5 scale with authentic design and lots of exterior details for familypark Hunderfossen. Here the whole family can experience an exciting and informative journey through a lovingly designed farm world with barns, chickenfarm and agriculture.


April / 11

"Peppa Pig World" im Paultons Park

It is very satisfying for us that we were allowed to deliver five rides specially for the first "Peppa Pig world". These rides were created according to customers requirements and in design of the British TV series. Fun for the whole family, in particular for the little ones.

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