Metallbau Emmeln has been specialising on individual construction for 30 years. All containers we offer are new productions. Your benefit: fixtures, reinforcements, etc. can be taken into account with the design process already, thus no need for any subsequent extra costs – no cut work at the finished container, no painting rework, and the container is immediately ready for use!


The last years showed an increades demand for flexible, ready for use and, if possible, entirely pre-assembled plants. In this context, containers can be  the ideal solution. Metallbau Emmeln manufactures containers of all sizes and intermediate sizes up to maximum transport sizes respectively as coupled systems, depending on your needs.

Our skills:

  • education company
  • Comprehensive welder’s proof of qualification
    DIN 18800 sect. 7 and DIN 4132 + 4112., in addition,
    stainless steels in line with certificate of acceptance Z30.3-6-DIBT
  • certified specialist under § 19 l of the Federal Water Act


Today, Metallbau Emmeln exists for 40 years and employs approx. 80 highly skilled employees. Our manufacture segments which, at first sight, seem to be very unequal, enable us to have specialists on-site in various technical areas, thus achieving a very important portion of in-house production.



Design and development, construction, manufacture, distribution, and assembly are carried out and centralised in our Haren/Ems plant. This kind of organisation ensures that we are in a position to offer professional high-end service to our customers at all times. For us, innovation and advisory service go without saying.