Trailer Systems for Individual Applications

Our own problem to move large, bulky steel constructions forced us to develop an own solution. After a row of design steps we now have a working scheme especially for changing requirements:

A single (or tandem) axis trailer which is extremely low allows building heavy parts directly on it, so no reloading is required.

The trailer is in length and width adjustable and can fit for various loads.


Single or tandem axis executions were developed for different weight categories.

Finally a steering system operated by the fork lift’s hydraulic allows handling in narrow rooms and areas. A mechanical indicator shows the axis direction to fork lift driver.

Due to the ability to move the system by one man only a short term payback is achieved.

Data and facts...


Here a container 10 m long with a weight of 25 t (metric) is moved by a fork lift with a capacity of only 4,5 t.

Steering afar axis by the fork lift.


Trailer for integral bodies: length and width are easy to adjust.


Trailer with steered wheel groups, telescopic arms and to the back extendible rest.


Trailer with fork lift.


"Plunge in" fork pocket.