-E-home with switch gear for belt conveyor system -


Our containers which are developed for most various switch gears, offer several advantages for plant construction. An important aspect in this context are the much shorter installation times. Thus the internal wiring of the switch gears can be done completely in our
factory and the switch boards implanted in the container
also can be tested and then shipped directly to building side.

-Container with cable double floor for switch gears for control of printing machines -


Furthermore, it is possible to arrange a closed chamber
– air-conditioned upon request - offering ideal  conditions for the use of computer and switch systems. In addition, individual assembly plates fitted on the  walls, can be used. Upon request, the container can be equipped with an integrated cable double floor (by means of individual double floor plates).

-Double switch gear container for industrial plants -

We have sufficient outdoor storage space enabling
integration of switch gear systems, transformers, etc.
for interim storage purposes for the short term of the
systems, hall surfaces are available. If you so wish, we
will make you an offer for such additional services. We
will be happy to assist your assembler fitters when integrating the switch systems respectively we will realise these by our own means. MCT frames and systems of various manufacturers can be used for the transfer of cables.


-Special container for power supply and control system on a bridge crane -


In order to comply with special applications, it is possible to manufacture containers under EMD sealed construction method. This requires special specifications, in particular with respect to all apertures of the container. The containers illustrated can absolutely be manufactured in accordance to your specifications. As a general rule, all dimensions are feasible, to the extent these can be transported. In case of over-sized containers, several ones can be combined to form one single unit. What is more, it is possible to take into consideration turnkey electrical systems fitting your specifications for all containers.

-E-home for mobile belt conveyor system, three-part, outside dimensions: approx. 7m x 3,6m-
-Cotainer for mobile power supply-