The Stabilo material box is an ideal, low cost storage solution for your belongings  (material, machines, tools, etc.). Owing to its rugged design it is an optimum provision against bad weather conditions and offers reliable burglary prevention device against any intrusion.

Standard design
• Basic and roof frame made of 3mm special profiles.
• Roof and wall made of beaded 1.5mm steel sheet.
• Floor made of 20mm plane board,
including a groove and a spring.
• For stability reasons, this box is not
demountable, i. e. its frame and walls are welded.
• Maximum load admissible approx. 2.5 tons.
• Double wing door with angle steel frame and secured
by a double heavy container locking (above and
• Four welded jack rings.
• Trouble-free transportability owing to an overall
width fitting to most trucks.
• Prime coat inner and outer face.
• Outer face painting (choice of colour
in line with RAL) possible against surcharge.

The most important feature of a good container is without any doubt it durability and stability. Our products meet these specifications in an optimum way owing to the container’s entirely welded design. Furthermore, their type of manufacture ensures extremely solid stability of the steel sheets, which, as a general rule, are processed in the form of bulkhead profiles.

Application spectrum
One of its applications is to arrange the stabile material box as a storage and  workshop facility (refer to the illustration). Another arrangement idea for this box results from its use as a depot container (refer to the illustration).