aggregate Container as engine test bed

For this manufacture segment, we manufacture ISO standard sized aggregate containers as well as all intermediate sizes up to maximum transport sizes. In addition, we offer coupled equipment (refer to manufacture examples on the following pages).

We are able to provide aggregate containers readymade with supply air and exhaust air units, air ducts, baffle and air cooler devices, electrical equipment, staircases, sub-structures and numerous other additional equipment.

aggregate container with exhaust air silencer on the roof

Supply air and exhaust air units are configured to fit the aggregates scheduled and the noise immission values specified. We will be happy to issue noise measurement surveys and static calculations upon your request.


The options
• Plates for walls and ceilings having a maximum
thickness of 3mm, beaded, entirely welded.
• Floor structure made of entirely welded
bulb plates, made in sag-form (upon your
request acceptance in line with WRA).

special sound protection hood

• Doors and apertures to meet
the noise insulation values specified.
• Optimum noise insulation by means
of anti-drone material, sound absorption plates,
and perforated plates.
• In case of very demanding noise insulation specifications,
multi-leaf wall structure or even room-inroom
construction method may be necessary.

aggregate containers with

crane and attached tent

5 x 40 " container for

ventilating systems

aggregate container with

bogie and control station